Friday, November 30, 2012

everyday food magazine, you'll be truly missed!

I was in Florida at the beginning of the month when I heard the terrible news about Everyday Food magazine folding. Devastated, I did my best to put it right out of my mind. Just one week before the news I had just renewed my EDF subscription for next year, subscribed to MSL, as well as purchased a gift subscription of EDF for my mom (a first time subscriber but long time browser) for her birthday. Unfortunately there isn’t much I could do to change this since I bought these through my nephew’s fundraiser. But nothing takes the edge off like a swim in the pool and a Florida sunset.
Once home I considered doing what my sister and I did when the show Freaks and Geeks was on the verge of cancellation – protesting! As someone who clearly takes Everyday Food to heart as part of their daily life, I felt like it couldn’t be taken down without a fight! But somehow the idea of handing out flyers at my son’s daycare, sending out mass emails and begging on this blog probably wouldn’t help. It clearly was already a done deal and us readers didn't even get a chance to petition for its survival. But then again, how does this blog exist as not an example of how useful this publication is?! I guess in a way I did my part and now it’s time to just to accept it. But I have to admit, I never saw anything like this coming. How could something so useful, resourceful, INSPIRING unceremoniously end? I work in print, so I know that it’s going the way of the dinosaur, I get it. So, I only assumed there would be a paid digital subscription available. But as time passed I became more painfully aware that with the magazine ending, maybe even those who work so hard on it didn’t quite imagine this could happen so quickly. I only wish I knew the real story here and the reason for this. Poor ad revenue? Print and distribution costs? Whatever the reason, it just somehow doesn't seem fair. The Everyday Food kitchen are a talent group of people who help cooks like me, who’s lives are busy to the point of hectic, manage to put something delicious on the table every night with minimal effort using healthy, affordable ingredients.
I cook through back issues of Everyday Food all the time, and judging by my shelf space there really wasn’t any room for more issues anyways (sorry, my attempt in seeing something positive in all this). No, I really do feel lucky to have started subscribing 8 years ago to amass such an archive. About 95% of our dinners are Everyday Food recipes and it looks like we’ll have fun revisiting back issues. Maybe another book could be published? I just hope that in time all the wonderful recipes this group creates and shares with us loyal readers monthly will continue, if not in print, in some other way. But I know for sure I’ll be sticking with Everyday Food wherever they decide to take it from here. Thank you Everyday Food for helping me to choose healthy and fresh meal options, guiding me to discover my inspired inner home cook and shaping my family's eating habits. You will be truly missed!

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