Wednesday, November 28, 2012

lighter french onion soup

I'm no French Onion Soup afficiaiato. Come to think of it, I love almost all french onion soup I've tried as long as it has a caramelized onion & beefy flavour and that delicious swiss crouton topping. That's why this version of Lighter French Onion Soup from Everyday Food Light was right up my alley.
To start, it was easy-peasy to make, however time consuming. But apart from that it was well worth the time spent (I mean, you really do need to get those onions caramelized and there is no short-cut on that step). It was not so generous with the bread and cheese but I didn't miss it. Because our bagette was so great and the gruyere - was, well, gruyere(!), it was just amazing. It was actually a nice balance between the soup and bread. I think I'd honestly contiune to go to this recipe in the future when a craving for French Onion soup hits.

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