Thursday, November 1, 2012

halloween 2012

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween yesterday. Making costumes for Owen and ourselves has always been a yearly tradition. But who knew at the tender age of almost three Owen would be so bent on having a store bought Halloween costume? Right from the moment we asked, he knew he wanted to be Ironman. I'm glad we enjoyed our one year of hand making his costume (last year's owl).

But how cute was he as Ironman? He had the moves down pat "repulsor rays" and since he plays superheroes daily with all his friends I'm thinking this was perfectly suited for him. His friends ended up being Avenger & Justice League superheros so he was right in his element all day yesterday.
The lack of time spent working on costumes freed up time to do other things like decorate and carve pumpkins.

Owen helped gut out the pumpkin and then Nuno carved Ironman to suit this year's theme.

When it came time to go Trick-Or-Treating last night, Owen was off-the-wall thrilled. Here we are visiting our first house on his tour of the neighbourhood:

Since it was so dark and dreary outside I was glad we added an LED light to his costume.

For the weeks leading up Owen told us all he wanted, "One red candy for Halloween." Suits us too Owen. Here he is enjoying his Kit Kat Bar.
My parents did the unthinkable and offered to have Owen stay over and bring him into childcare this morning. We took them up on the opportunity for a night out like so many old Halloween times. We quickly suited up in an old set of costumes from the past and ended up having a great night out downtown.
Happy Halloween!

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alicia said...

tiny avengers are too much for my poor ovaries! and that pumpkin puts my loki-o-lantern to shaaaaaame! you looked awesome as batgirl!