Monday, July 9, 2012

taste of buffalo

This Saturday we decided to take Owen to the Buffalo Zoo, however, when we arrived the park was closed on account of a power outage. Since we braved the Saturday morning Peace Bridge border wait, we decided to make our way downtown to the Taste of Buffalo held in Niagara Square and Delaware Avenue.
They claim to be one of the nation's largest food festivals and I love American culture, so this just seemed like a perfect fit for us.
First off, I was pleased they don't charge admission. The tickets were 50¢ each and nothing was over 8 tickets. Affordable for everyone!
It was a perfect summer day walking around this event.
We ended up pulling over at the food truck station. Some vendors offered 'taster' portions, which was perfect for Owen who told us he wanted a hamburger. A truck called The Roaming Buffalo featured 'The What?!?! Burger' in taster portion.
See that? It's a peanut butter and bacon jam topped burger and Owen loved it.
Our favourite Buffalo truck, Lloyd's Taco Truck, was there and had the longest line-up at the festival. Luckily it moved quickly and was cooked fresh to order.
So I ended up choosing a chicken taco and Krazy corn with a topping of loads of butter, chili, lime, crema, queso fresco and cilantro - delish! 
And here's Nuno's Crawfish.
This was our first time trying them and it was certainly an experience. I think these little guys kinda freaked out Owen. And me.
I love the frozen custard that's everywhere in WNY. Owen and I had soft serve chocolate/vanilla twist cones. My first cone of the summer and it was out of this world.
I tried Blue Light Lime for the first time at Buffalo Place Rocks the Harbour a few weekends ago. For some reason, even though this is a Canadian beer, it's difficult to find here in Canada. For the record, no, I had not been drinking - this kinda sleaze must come pretty natural. We took this photo as a joke, but it came out too funny not to post.
Obligatory Oscar Meyer truck photo.
Two stages of live music had Owen getting his groove back.
There was a Food Truck Eats event at the Farmer's Market in downtown St. Catharines this past Sunday which we didn't make it out to. Seems like all our attempts to visit our favourite trucks are a strain on the wallet these days with admission charges. This weekends event wasn't so hefty but still charged $10 just to enter. I'm really happy some of our favourite trucks are turning great profits now - it's very well deserved. But somehow,  it's hard to accept an admission charge when only a couple years ago we were enjoying these trucks at local wineries and all our money was going straight to the vendor.

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