Friday, July 13, 2012

chicken succotash with avocado and farmer cheese

Here is Wednesday night's dinner of Chicken Succotash with Avocado and Farmer Cheese from Everyday Food magazine July/August 2011. This was a dinner that looked delicious and healthy to boot.
It's a sautee of diced zucchini, fresh off-the-cob corn, shredded rotisserie chicken, sliced tomatoes & avocado. And lima beans. Lima Beans are one of those food associations that conjure up childhood food aversions. Having never tried them before, and what succotash would be complete with out them, I was actually looking forward to trying something new. Turns out lima beans are very tasty in this because this whole dinner is very good. 
One thing that was a slight issue was locating Farmer Cheese. I couldn't find it in my limited grocery search, so I ended up using the leftover ricotta from Monday night's dinner pressed and strained through cheese cloth. It worked just fine in substitution. 
And, wow, did this make a whole lot of food. It lasted 2 nights - and then some.

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