Thursday, July 26, 2012

creamy corn soup

This is our Creamy Corn Soup from Great Food Fast. What a simple beautiful soup this is. Imagine everything you love about biting into fresh summer corn without all mess and hassle of needing to floss afterwards. Fresh summer corn on the cob is so delicious you don't need anything more than butter, salt and pepper to enjoy the natural flavour. And that's what makes this recipe so stand-out.
The ingredients that go into this soup is simply fresh corn, butter s&p and water. If desired there are suggested garnishes such as scallions or corn chips. When it comes time to puree, we enjoyed ours with one batch pureed finely and the second more coarsely, that way we ended up with a really nice texture. I can't help (and felt the same way about the Potato Leek Soup) that these sort of creamy vegetable soups need the addition of heat and meat. I keep thinking if we make this again I'll add thinly sliced chorizo. This soup can be a little bit of corn-overload so having crackers or fresh bread on the side is necessary.
Just as a side note. We took all our knives in to be sharpened Saturday and they didn’t come home till last night. That’s several days of only using steak and paring knives to make our dinners. You never really notice how awkward cooking can be when you’re missing your larger knives, but it is well worth the investment of having your knives sharpened professionally every so often. Luckily, this dinner of creamy corn soup suited our knife situation perfectly because removing the kernels from the cobs is best performed with a serrated knife and our steak knives were just small enough to do a great job of this.

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