Tuesday, July 17, 2012

long weekend at the cottage

We escaped to our family's waterfront cottage in North Bay this past weekend. 
Just Nuno, Owen, Hot Tot and I enjoying the beach, lake and city.
Every year there is something new for Owen to discover. Last year he was obsessed with feeding the ducks, this year he was asking to 'catch the fish and bugs'. Luckily, I bought this aquarium and a net for him before we left for our vacation.
Here's Owen's fish which he named 'Silver Surfer', a small minnow we caught and released.
He loved catching ants.
Owen is also into sandcastles.
 He could play endlessly in the sand. He's a real mucker, this one.
If there's a puddle, he'll splash - if there's dirt, he'll grab it. It's funny what comes just naturally to kids.
Our sandcastles were legendary. Just like my grandmother did for my sister and I as kids, I bought $2.00 Toy Story toys to keep Owen occupied for the 5 hour drive up north. They turned into items Owen couldn't part with and shared in all his adventures.
Owen is a big-time swimmer. He could not get enough time in the water. His lips were blue before he was convinced to come out.
Nap time!
Hot Tot just loved our time on the beach as long as she was shaded. 
The chipmunks kept her amused hour upon hour.
Just like the two years before, we had lots of time spent playing in the parks. 

 It never gets old....
I can honestly say we'd love nothing more than to just move right up to North Bay. Anyone have Graphic Design and Illustration jobs for us?

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