Saturday, July 7, 2012

chipotle chicken and rice

What did we decide to eat for dinner on the hottest, most humid 90 degree day yesterday? Why this spicy Chipotle Chicken and Rice from Everyday Food July/August 2009. But, when you think about it, some cultures in the warmest places in the world eat super spicy food like this regularly. Bwhaha, who am I kidding? Luckily, we are having an issue with our air conditioner right now where it runs... continuously, so it's nice and cool in our home for us not acclimatized to this crazy heat.
I was going to call this a stew, but it's really a basic paella of sorts. This was one of the funnest dinners I've made in a while. I like it because there is such little prep work and effort to accomplish something so unbelievably tasty. You could even do a hack-job of all the produce and it still would turn out great! Now, you do need about an hour from start to finish, but three quarters of that time is letting your chicken stew and the rice to cook in the sauce. That's what's so delicious about this dinner, the rice takes on such a wonderful flavour from all the ingredients. So simple, so nice, so easy and even easier to eat. Total winner of a recipe!

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