Friday, June 22, 2012

owen's first rock concert

Do you ever have one of those days where you get shaken out of the monotony of routine? There are the predictable ones, like vacations or a night out... the ones that are planned. But then there are days like yesterday, where we found our day got turned upside down.

Built to Spill is a band both Nuno and I adore but have never seen live. We've seen just about every band we love live, but Built to Spill has alluded us. I was actually a little nervous to see them live because I heard their shows are about as crazy as Guided By Voices, with stinky aging male indie rockers getting beyond wild. But hours before the performance, I heard Built to Spill were playing a free show with Matthew Sweet (remember him? "Girlfriend") on the Buffalo waterfront as part of a concert series they have Thursday & Friday evenings during the summer. Well, we couldn't swing a sitter in time, so we decided there really wasn't anything that could hold us back from seeing our long overdue Built to Spill show and having Owen share in the experience of seeing his first rock show. 
Ah, I love Buffalo. Cheap food, cheap beer, free show and a really great time! It's pretty awesome to love music not many people listen to at a show not many people attend. I wonder if the Jesus and Mary Chain show planned in a few weeks will garner much of an attendance?
Owen ate a hot dog and in all his excitement spit-up on himself as well as me during one of his moshing outbursts. Party till you puke, Owen!
There was nothing more hilarious than to see Owen shake a tail feather. He made his own little dance party during Matthew Sweet (who played almost his entire "Girlfriend" album from beginning to end in honor of Roger Waters who was playing "The Wall" only blocks away at the First Niagara Centre).
I'm not sure I've seen Owen in his element more than at this show. Sign him up for swim class or soccer, he's just not on bored. But play some live music and he's got his own personal dance party.
“We’re special in other ways – way’s our mother’s appreciate”
The sound at this outdoor show was great. And I couldn't have been more happy to have heard Built to Spill play "Stop the Show". Huge thrill.

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