Tuesday, June 26, 2012

garlic-marinated chicken cutlets with grilled potatoes

Our bbq is on overdrive these days. We've already blasted through an entire tank of propane in 3 weeks. But everything tastes so great grilled and this dinner of Garlic-Marinated Chicken Cutlets with Grilled Potatoes from Great Food Fast features an entire meal prepared on the grill.
To start, this recipe calls for chicken cutlets. I don't know what they are so we just took a boneless skinless breast of chicken and cut it in half (width-wise), into two thin pieces of chicken. There is a garlic marinade for the chicken that includes thyme, but where the recipe asks for fresh, we used dried. I really like thyme with chicken and thyme is one herb I prefer dried. The marinade looked a little muddy, but the taste was fantastic. The vegetables were grilled, and when complete, everything is served family-style. There is a final addition of a drizzle of Vinaigrette. This garlic vinaigrette is a necessary addition that adds such a nice flavour boost when drizzled over all three items which really helps bring everything together. We had the rest of this homemade vinaigrette on our salads for days and it really is a keeper of a recipe. 
Overall, a little bit of time and effort goes a long way with this dinner but I highly recommend trying it, especially if you're enjoying your bbq this time of year.

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