Wednesday, June 20, 2012

grilled greek chicken kebabs with mint-feta sauce and greek-style bruchetta

With all the dicey fails we've had with Everyday Food Light, I decided recently to take more time returning to recipes we enjoyed. One such dinner we've had several times since we first tried it is Greek Style Chicken Kebabs with Mint-Feta Sauce.
As I was prepping to make this dinner I decided to check back on my blog to find the recipe link and read any other notes. Completely by coincidence, we had this dinner exactly two years ago to the day! So I can say with confidence this is the perfect dinner for this time of year. It's simple, inexpensive and a total keeper. We had a side of Greek bruchetta made on the fly with diced tomatoes, feta cheese, diced kalamata olives, dried oregano, splash of red wine vinegar, s&p on garlic buttered loaf then barbequed. Extra kebabs and sauce make for a great lunches along with lettuce & tomatoes in Greek-style pitas.

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