Thursday, June 14, 2012

hawaiian pizza

I used to find it strange to have something sweet like pineapple on a pizza. Hawaiian is a pizza I've only gained appreciation for very recently.
This Hawaiian Pizza on the bbq is made by grilling red onions and pineapple on the bbq first. To do this we sliced thick slices of red onions and sliced a whole pineapple into 8 long segments (removing the skin and core). Once cooked it's cut into chunks. 
Once we shaped our dough it was placed directly onto the bbq grates. I thought for sure it would melt through the grates, but it didn't happen that way. It grilled up perfectly! Once the first side was done it's flipped and the topping are placed on. Along with tomato sauce this pizza has prosciutto and mozzarella cheese along with the grilled onion and pineapple.

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