Thursday, June 28, 2012

barley salad with chicken, corn and scallions

With our leftover chicken from the previous night's meal, we had Barley Salad with Chicken, Corn and Scallions from Everyday Food Light.
I felt like things could go either way with this dinner, but my expectations were leaning to the lower end of the spectrum. This dinner was easy enough to prepare, but took a while to cook the barley and roast the corn and scallions. Both tasks we could walk away from once a timer was set which is a rare kitchen luxury. Once complete it took a while to get the seasoning just right (needed a lot of salt), but when we got it, it was very tasty. Barley and corn are a great match together and the addition of scallions and parsley worked really well. I think this would taste even better with fresh basil added, although I doubt we'll have this again to ever give it a try.

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