Wednesday, June 6, 2012

oat muffins with rhubarb

I love this time of year when rhubarb grows like a weed - which is how my garden grows. What I don't like about rhubarb is how much sugar most dessert recipes require to balance its tartness. Well, we have Anna Olson to thank for concocting another stellar recipe without sugar. I know the lady had a show called Sugar, but I swear her next venture has to be a no-sugar dessert cookbook. Nuno doesn't eat sugar and in order to eat the way we do, I try and limit desserts. Having said that I somehow bake once a week.
Anyways, back to this recipe which is a healthy muffin. I love muffins and loafs because Owen can easily bake with me and they can be justifiably eaten at any time of day. Our rhubarb came from Harvest Barn, the place where if it's in-season and it's fresh, you'll find it there. Although this recipe has a couple different leavening ingredients, they didn't rise much at all so I'd be inclined to fill the muffins to more than three quarters full next time around.
These muffins are delicious and different. The tartness you get from the rhubarb is similar to baking with dried cherries. It's not for everyone, especially those who love sweet and cakey muffins. And if you do have a sweet-tooth I suggest spreading them with strawberry jam. 
This recipe is available at Anna Olson's website for .pdf download under the recipes fly-out tab.

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