Thursday, June 7, 2012

farfalle with salmon, mint and peas

Uh-oh! We have another recipe fail! Darn, I was sure Farafalle with Salmon, Mint and Peas from Great Food Fast was going to be delicious. It seriously sounded so great. But then there is that deflating moment when you're finished cooking and you taste for seasoning to realize no amount of salt or pepper is going to revive this dinner. I just walked away hoping that if it sat for a few minutes it might 'come together'. Nope! I had no choice but to suggest we get take-out.
And in comes my creative and talented husband to jack this dinner out of the dead-zone. He disappeared into the kitchen where he blended cream cheese and whole milk with minced garlic over a warm skillet. Added to this recipe we now had a creamy salmon pasta, which really tasted great. We didn't end up finishing this off with the mint but just added it our fruit salad for dessert.

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