Tuesday, March 6, 2012

pecan-crusted catfish and carrot slaw with yogurt dressing

I bought catfish for the first time specifically to try this recipe for Pecan-Crusted Catfish from Great Food Fast. This is my first time even tasting catfish and like so many fish, I think I was a little freaked out about trying it. I always envisioned catfish to be like carp, bottom feeders. And, well, let's face it - if you live near the Great Lakes eating fish just isn't appealing. Naturally, I bought farm raised catfish fillets from the grocery store for this recipe so there wasn't any need for my neurotic food associations. 
The crust is a mixture of seasoned cornmeal and pecans and has a very nice texture and flavour - very different from anything I've tasted before. The breading adhered perfectly to the cooked fish, which is an amazing feat considering how moist this fish is and how tender & light the breading is. There was a side of Carrot Slaw with Yogurt Dressing to accompany the catfish. It was very nice, light and paired perfectly with the fish.

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