Friday, March 16, 2012

lighter beef chili

I'm not sure there's ever been a time we've made the same chili recipe twice. I love the variety of different meats, beans and even vegetarian options you have when cooking chili. There's no denying, it wasn't difficult to convince us to try Everyday Food Light's Lighter Beef Chili.
The first great tip I've discovered from the new Everyday Food book is that ground sirloin is the leanest ground beef choice and it has a wonderful flavour. I think I might be sticking with is for most recipes that call for ground beef. There is a large ratio of beans in this recipe, which is another reason it's considered light. I love pinto beans, so this chili was right up my alley. Finally, there is an addition of cocoa which I liked. It required a bit of refining with the seasoning at the end, but that's OK. I'd rather add more salt to my portion and keep Owen's with less intensity.

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