Tuesday, March 13, 2012

cashew chicken

This recipe for Cashew Chicken is one of our most loved recipes from Great Food Fast. A standby for at least 8 years, we've made this for dinner over and over again. It was nice to go back to it the other night.
What I love about this recipe (besides how delicious it is) is the great technique of dredging the chicken in cornstarch and then pan frying. This always results in moist chicken, we love it. The sauce is so delicious with a nice rich carmely-hoisin flavour. We removed the green onion from Owen's portion and it's such a hit I'm thinking most kids would just gobble this dinner right up. Eating this brought a new word into Owen's vocabulary, he's now always asking for 'nuts'. This Cashew Chicken is one of my most highly recommended dinners from Great Food Fast.

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