Tuesday, June 2, 2009

incredibly strange best worst movie

Katie had her second Incredibly Strange Movie night at our place this past Friday night. It's the one year anniversary of our legendary Troll 2 Party. The party that made it into the documentary we watched, Best Worst Movie!

As you can see we had everything set-up outdoors, but right before 9pm, the rain started. It was a wash-out, but it wasn't a problem to move everything indoors.

I was happy to be able to make it through most of the movie this time around. In the evenings lately I end up getting exhausted without even realizing how tired I really am and I barely remember getting into my pajamas and into bed. Pregnancy can be exhausting, but I know I'm a pretty energetic expectant mom in comparison to what most women go through. Maybe it's my morning coffee - the one habit I just can't drop.

Sunday my brother & sister-in-law flew in from Calgary. We held a shower for them and their soon to be baby girl. It was exciting to see an expectant Sara and compare pregnancy notes. Come to find out there are very few similarities between my and her pregnancy. I think mine is just atypical. I had a lot of family mentioning how they'd never know I was expecting - no baby bump. Trust me, I wish it was there. Last night at prenatal yoga, the instructor calls me the 'big belly of the class'. But I was reassured by the instructor and every mom in the class that I'll be there soon. One day I'll just pop.

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