Saturday, June 27, 2009

I had my first pregnancy meltdown!

I feel as though I've spent a lot of blog time talking about how wonderful and exciting it is to be an expectant mom, and I don't really draw to any not-so-great points. Trust me, you don't want details on some of the embarrassing changes, you'll just have to go through it yourself to see where I'm going with that. But I thought I'd share with you a horrible moment yesterday when I felt totally out of touch with myself.
Now, I have to stress here - when your pregnant and your hungry you
must eat. I don't even play with this one. I have to eat at certain key times during the day so I'm always doing well.
We decided to go to Olson's for lunch yesterday. By the time we arrived it was 1:30 (I usually eat right at noon), so I was famished. Then there weren't any tables, so we decided to wait it out till something cleared. The entire place was a zoo and you could feel the stress from all the employees madly racing around. Olson's has recently changed since we've been there last. We used to go up to the counter and order our food and they would eventually bring it out to you. Now there is full table service. Once we found a seat, I was feeling really strange and I couldn't really talk. Since we had been standing waiting for a table by the counter, I was set on their turkey sandwich (which I always order, no fail). At about 2pm we were finally waited on and we decided to place the full order on the spot and I asked for one of their sandwiches. GET THIS - The server said I couldn't have it! It was a take-out menu item only and I had to order off this fancy menu (which might have been OK at any other time but since I'm totally pregnancy obsessed craving over sandwiches on a daily basis - this just was totally devastating). I looked up at her and said I hadn't considered the menu and begged her to please see if she could bend the rules for me since I was so set on just this one item. She looked at me and barked - OK THEN, SANDWICH! Yes, I felt like such a primadona. She pulled quite the attitude. Given their volume, I'm sure someone like me just made her day all the more aggravating. So after she left I basically sat there wishing I'd never arrived for lunch there, totally mortified and basically tearing up. All these feelings were compounded by this intense starvation like I'd never felt before. Nuno said I should have explained that I was pregnant and unfortunately starving and he was sure she'd understand. I was too embarrassed to make excuses for myself and play that whole "I'm pregnant" card. But after the way I felt yesterday I have quite an understanding of the out-of-touch emotions an expectant mom can feel. Yeah, maybe if you explain to people they will infact understand. Oh well, I'm still so embarrassed this morning and I'm not really sure I want to show my face at Olson's again.

edit: I just have to say, in telling a story like this on a blog - it would be very different if I was telling this to you one-on-one. In recounting it I would be cracking up and if you are close to me you'll understand it's quite funny because of my obsession over "sandwiches".


Leslie said...

You are so funny! I'm laughing imagining this image. I don't think I'd make it as a pregnant woman. I get famished and overly emotional when I don't eat several times during the day...I'd probably have to have a feed bag with an I.V. or something.

Lori said...

I am RIGHT there with you. I am 19 weeks pregnant and had my third food-related meltdown last night...over a turkey hoagie that I had ordered to go from our favorite deli. Husband went to pick it up, and we realized when he got home with it that the deli had mixed up our order with someone else's. I went BANANAS. Called the deli, explained (as rationally as possible) what had happened, and they told me that they were closing in two minutes and that they were OUT OF BREAD!!!! Unacceptable!

Progesterone + low blood sugar = surefire ugly meltdown.