Tuesday, June 30, 2009

don't stop till you get enough.... desserts!

Last night we held a Michael Jackson party. Katie organized the party as part of her Incredibly Strange Movie nights she's been feverishly holding.

I started out baking Black or White cookies from the Martha Stewart Cookies book. But we decided to also assemble a cake in honour of MJ modeled after his famous glove.

The fingers are twinkies and the palm is a store bought pound cake.

I iced.
Nuno dragee dropped.
It turned out great!

We watched Moonwalker and cut it short without watching Captain Eo (which we've all seen recently). But Moonwalker was just horrible - in a very good way. The production was completely over the top with claymation, elaborate sets, super-involved dance routines (to be expected) and a computer generated MJ transformer! But for all it’s pomp and showmanship I kept asking, “Who wrote this?” There wasn’t a story - at all. It was basically a MJ worship film with bad guys trying to kill MJ and kid’s following him through his perilous journey. The movie was inter cut with his music videos which further baffled the story. I guess the best reveal is when the credits roll and the entire movie was written by Michael himself. I love the idea that we are left to assume no one could collaborate on this or edit his vision - just dump tons of money into Micheal's self obsessed fan film.


katie said...

hahaha! That's the best review of Moonwalker!!

Also, amazing cake. I can see millions of MJ fans finding your blog and trying to recreate it themselves for their MJ memorial parties.

katie said...

where's my MJ shrine???

feelscript said...

Ok, ok - shrine is up! It's probably the best photo introduction to the party.

I want people to make their own MJ glove cakes. Too bad you and a couple other people are the only ones who read this. You'll have to let me know how many views your Flickr photo of the cake gets.

Leslie said...

Haha, I am so tempted to find some sort of hand-shaped cake mold and make a glove cake.