Saturday, June 13, 2009

banana chiffon cake

Here is my first attempt at baking a chiffon cake. I didn't really put much thought into the cake before baking it, other than making sure I had the ingredients. Pretty silly of me. For starters I didn't have the right pan. I really wanted to use the angel food cake pan Nuno's aunt gave me. It's not your typical angel food cake pan since it has fluted edges, no feet and doesn't have a removable bottom. And therein lies the problem with my finished cake. I guess you need to cool your chiffon upside down (hence the cake pans with feet), so I improvised and sat it on a bottle with boxes and containers to support the bottle.

Actually, this worked really well. The real problem was that you don't grease an angel food/chiffon cake so it can climb the sides of the pan as it bakes. So to use a pan with scalloped edges instead of smooth makes the cake all the more difficult to remove! So the cake looks quite shabby, but a lesson is learned. One the bright side, I'm quite lucky to have had the cake itself turn out. I read online how so chiffons many overflow while baking, never rise... the problems seem endless.

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