Saturday, June 6, 2009

bump time?

Alrighty, ask and you shall receive. I definitely think that this is the real baby bump! I have been feeling a whole lotta stretching in my tummy this past week (17). I think the baby is growing bigger, even right now as I type this. But it's still quite undetectable unless I'm wearing tight fitting shirts. I don't know how many times I walk into work and have people asking why I'm not showing yet. Oh well, soon enough I'll be a house and wishing for these days of wondering about the bump.

One really cool thing that's happened since getting pregnant is the craziest flexibilty. For years during yoga I had my limitations, but now - woah, different story. Not an ounce of resistance in my joints. I love the feeling of being able to stretch my arms far and wide in every direction and have pain free squats for hours.

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