Tuesday, June 3, 2008

best worst movie

This past weekend was our Troll 2 weekend! We had a Troll 2 screening in our backyard on Friday night and then went to the Toronto Screening at the Bloor Cinema Saturday night.
"Look, they prepared a whole feast!"
Katie was dressed as the first goblin victim, Cindy and I was dressed as Creedence!

The party in our backyard was hosted by my sister, Katie. In attendance we had George Hardy (who plays Micheal Waits, the father) and Micheal Stevenson (who plays the son, Joshua Waits).

Katie, me, Nuno (dressed as Preacher Bells), George Hardy and Micheal Stevenson

This was their first trip to Canada, so we really hoped to show them Canadian hospitality. This included a backyard barbecue, games (Trollympic games), an outdoor screening of the movie and a Q&A.

Michael is currently working on a documentary called 'Best Worst Movie' on the renewed interest in the film which includes finding lost cast members 20 years later, the fans and their world-wide Troll 2 screenings in all major cities. He was filming throughout most of the evening, so it would be pretty rad if we ended up appearing in his documentary.

Saturday was the first time we got a chance to see Troll 2 on the big screen with hundreds of other fans. It was a total blast hearing all the laughter every 30 seconds making the movie funnier than ever!
What an awesome weekend!

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