Friday, January 31, 2014

save with jamie - sticky chicken chinese noodles

It's Chinese New Year! Instead of ordering take-out, might I suggest trying these Sticky Chicken Chinese Noodles.

This recipe from Save with Jamie has a totally unique flavour which was totally delicious. The one taste that set this dinner apart from all our previous attempts at Chinese take-out classics is the use of Chinese Five Spice. The spice blend is used to season chicken thighs and after cooking a final coating of honey makes them sweet, spicy and sticky. Another element to this dinner which rounds things out is dry pan frying black beans. They were slightly crunchy and spicy on the outside but maintained their soft interior. Of course, the noodles were incredible and benefited from sitting around for a little while to absorb the flavours. We didn't neglect any details with this dinner and the final hit of cilantro and lime juice made things just that much more wonderful.

Owen didn't stop for a word, or hardly a breath for that matter as he devoured this dinner. This is definitely one of the best recipes we've tried from the book.

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