Monday, January 27, 2014

save with jamie - bbq pulled pork waffles and slaw

We're on to another recipe from Save with Jamie using leftover pork in BBQ Pulled Pork Waffles & Slaw. This recipe I made on Friday night as a treat for the family, as well as myself because it was so simple. All the effort was in the coleslaw. I'm on board with Jamie's use of the food processor for tasks you can get away with. It really speeds up chopping but also keeps ingredients uniform. For the coleslaw I added a little Dijon to the dressing, added scallions and omitted the mint. The other 'cheat' I used was to use frozen Belgian waffles (Our Compliments makes great ones available at Sobeys). The final add on was the leftover pork shredded and covered in BBQ sauce.

The consensus on this one: Amazing! Sweet and savory, these are a real treat. We all loved these (especially Owen). Inspired by this dinner we decided that we'd love to try our own chicken and waffles another night. 

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