Friday, January 24, 2014

save with jamie - slow-roasted pork ragu

Our second recipe trial from Save with Jamie was his Slow Roasted Pork Ragu. Upon reading through this recipe it was just about as quick and simple as you can get - cooking leftover pork and vegetables with a jar of passata. But, wait... I had no clue what passata was and I almost didn't bother with this one because I didn't think this was an ingredient I'd be able to find. Then I looked it up online and it's simply one of those tall jars of tomato puree that you find in the Italian section of your grocery store. The book suggests serving it alongside pasta or toast, but we decided to serve this on oven baked polenta.

We all truly loved this dinner. Again, totally transforming the pork into something that didn't taste anything even close to the previous night's dinner. I wish it photographed a little more appetizing because this picture doesn't really do any justice to how delicious this ragu is. We all agreed we'd love to try this one again.

What I'm finding with the recipes in this book is that they always manage to include a lot of fresh vegetables. I swear most recipes include at least one carrot! Because Owen loves these dinners so much I'd recommend this book for parents looking to include more fresh veggies in their kid's diet. Most of the vegetables are cooked into the dinners, so if your child turns their nose up when veggies are offered as a side dish, these dinners are a great option offering a little disguise.

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