Tuesday, January 28, 2014

save with jamie - pulled pork peppers easiest baked risotto

The final dinner we had with the leftover pork roast was Pulled Pork Peppers with Easiest Baked Risotto. I'm not the biggest fan of stuffed peppers, but since we've had a series of hits with Save with Jamie I figured this recipe would be our best bet for a decent try.

I was under so much pressure making this dinner. The reason being that once you begin you need to be sure to continue along till finished because you are under the clock. I think I'd have had a lot more fun cooking if I didn't have to bounce a fussy Clea in her bouncer, indulge Owen in his run-on story of the Lego characters he'd just finished making, all simultaneiously while reading the recipe and cooking the dinner. What a balancing act! I had to let a phone and facetime call go to message... something had to give, right? Jamie's created this recipe so that both dinners cook between two dishes in the oven at the same time, which was quite ingenuous. However, each has their own steps that need to be done at key moments during the cooking. Luckily, we came out on top of this one with no mishaps.
Now, what do you think of a risotto recipe you don't have to tend to while cooking? That's what Jamie offers here and I'll admit, I was excited at the prospect. After tasting it I'm not quite sure if it was what I expected (namely the artificial flavour in the recommended bouillon cube). For risotto it really didn't taste right. Not to say it was inedible, but I'm in love with risotto and it's just got to be done right. So I might just give the risotto recipe a second try using ingredients I know taste great in attempt to see if the consistency works on this method. As for the peppers, they were good. The pork was dry and I'll admit, I can't quite be fair with this recipe since were going on four pork dinners.

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