Wednesday, January 29, 2014

save with jamie - american hot pizza pie

Wow! I forgot that this past weekend we also tried the American Hot Pizza Pie recipe from Save with Jamie with the leftover pork. I decided to make pizza dough using Fleischmann's Pizza Dough dry active yeast. This must be a somewhat new product since I hadn't noticed it before, but now seemed like a perfect time to try it. The yeast packet's pizza dough instruction is quick and doesn't require any rising which makes pizza making even easier. When the dough was ready it was quite a bit more pliable compared to all other doughs we've worked with. One detail in this recipe I just love is to use bread crumbs on the bottom of the pizza crust (we usually use cornmeal). The results were so tasty compared, this is a tip we'll probably stick with from now on.
We then followed Jamie's recipe as instructed which included making a spicy tomato sauce from scratch. This sauce was super flavourful but could have used a little tomato paste since we found it slightly runny. However, a runny sauce is pretty much required as this pizza cooks quite low and for longer than most pizzas. The reason being that there is raw spicy Italian sausage removed from the casing as a topping (along with the leftover shredded pork, red onion, pickled jalapenos and a blend of cheddar & mozzarella cheeses). Jamie indicates to top with sprinkled paprika and bashed fennel seeds. The addition of fennel on this pizza is the total kicker! Jamie totally nailed it with this one, everything about this pizza was incredible. It was sweet and spicy and the contrast of the two different meats was pretty outstanding. Yeah, pretty addictive. Our only disappointment was that the dough didn't rise very much. Still tasted great as a thin crust, but I'd love to try is one again with a more substantial crust. This one is a must try again.

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