Tuesday, July 30, 2013

welcome to 20 weeks pregnant

Last night we got out to Buffalo to see Wild Nothing play at the Tralf. Their new EP Empty Estate is in constant rotation in our home and on my work playlist.

We saw them half a year ago in Toronto and, naturally, they played for a huge crowd. Buffalo shows are always more intimate and I'm the sort of concert goer who likes to be right up front so this venue always suits me well.

I have a general rule about going to shows and that is that I must wear platform wedges. I'm five foot two pebbles, so the added lift shoes give me help me see at shows better. Before the show we ate at Salsaritas Fresh Cantina on Delaware & W. Chippewa where I ate a burrito the size of my unborn child. It was our first time there and it was a fresher and tastier Chipotle, we were surprised at how good this place was. I had Nuno snap a photo of me at the aforementioned intersection because this week marks exactly half way into the pregnancy at twenty weeks. Boy, am I a whole lot more at ease this pregnancy compared to my last. Having done it once before this all seems so familiar and that's a real piece of mind. One major reason I’m not stressed is because with Owen I was in a constant panic as all the girls due around the same time (even months after) had beautiful bumps and I was stuck looking the same but with a bloated belly (kinda like a beer gut). Well, it’s happening all over again and I’m pretty dang shocked that in comparison between the two pregnancies I’m the same size on a week-to-week basis. I’ve heard (and witnessed) most women showing earlier with their second, but that just isn’t the case for me. I’m wondering if it's the four year break between that must have helped my body recoup. Which might just mean I’m back to square one when it comes to labour then? God, I hope that’s not the case, but only time will tell.
Luckily, in browsing back on this blog I had a monster bump by 22 weeks, so I’m going to do a pregnancy #1 and pregnancy #2 side-by-side. I have to admit, I’m looking forward to looking the part. But, ladies, this is a great time to be pregnant in fashion. These loose fitting tops that everyone is wearing means you are pretty inconspicuous and just perfect for the bloated belly weeks in pregnancy. My pregnancy is pretty undetectable wearing this style. Staying relatively the same size has meant that I only last week told my office I was expecting and they were all floored, then a second shocker when I disclosed I was half way along. Not that I was hiding anything, I just expected my bump would tell the story... but I gave up waiting and spilled the news because half way into it is a long time to keep a happy & exciting secret.

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