Monday, July 29, 2013

black-bean tostadas with corn relish

Tostadas are a great way to enjoy Mexican flavour without going overboard. They are light & cool in the summer and are something we have at least once a month. I was browsing an ancient issue of Everyday Food magazine (September 2007) when I stumbled upon these Black Bean Tostadas with Corn Relish. In reading the recipe I felt like these were very simple and straight forward to make and might be a real winner.
So colourful and fresh, these are so great for a weeknight family dinner. Any dinner with avocado is a bonus for Owen who had no problem diving right into these. They are a little messy, but that’s never been too much of a problem for us before. I was surprised these tostadas used a toasted flour tortillas. We’ve really been enjoying the store bought corn tostadas are using corn tortillas toasted. But these were great with the flour tortilla option.

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