Friday, July 26, 2013

grilled ratatouille muffaletta

It seems in pregnancy there isn’t a sandwich I don’t want to stuff in my face. I don’t even think I could turn away those dainty little cucumber and salmon tea sandwiches if I tried. But Pita Pit’s Dagwoods and Wegman’s turkey sandwiches have come to the rescue when nothing else will do. I actually have slotted some time today to hop over to the USA for another Wegman’s sub. The latest issue of Everyday Food magazine (which is now free to download people – get it!) features a totally irresistible Grilled Ratatouille  Muffaletta Sandwich.
Not totally authentic to the familiar New Orleans favourite nor similar in taste to a ratatouille, this sandwich reminds me very much of the Toasted Turkey Sandwich Everyday Food published a few years ago (which is still to this day a picnic/zoo lunch staple for us). This is its own type of mash-up. This sandwich features a homemade spread using olives, pepperoncini, parsley and mayo which is basically a variation on a homemade tapenade – which I love! I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find olive tapenade in stores, so now I have a go-to recipe on it. All the ingredients are so fresh, if you’re a veggie lover (like me), you are sure to fall head-over-heels for this sandwich. It works and is totally delicious. Just don’t do what I did – I added turkey cold cuts because we had a package needing to get used up. It added nothing, I ended up removing it. The other revision I’d make for next time to is to try my best to slice the bread right to the edge and hollow out as much interior as possible. I found there was just too much bread and I tossed the bready top and edge.

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