Wednesday, July 24, 2013

grilled fish sandwich with cabbage slaw

It's been a long time since we tried one of those not the most appetizing, potentially disastrous, out on a limb dinners. Being a picky pregnant gal and having an opinionated kid are well enough reasons for us to find ourselves continually pulling dinner ideas from the massive archive of this blog. But this blog would collect dust if I didn't continue to try new meals. That's why when this Grilled Fish Sandwich with Cabbage Slaw popped up on my Pinterest feed it left enough of an impression on me to pull out Everyday Food Light and work it into last week's meal plan.

I always leave purchasing fresh fish to the last minute, which can be dicey because you sometimes just have to go with what's available in store even if it's not your first pic. Which is exactly what happened with this dinner. No halibut in sight but piles of fresh trout on sale. I've never tasted trout before but it kinda looks like salmon. I'm desperate, oh, what the hell?! Let's try it. 5 minutes of prep work while Nuno BBQ'd the fish and this dinner is ready. We nervously try it and we both had one of those "Ah - ha moments." This dinner is totally delicious in an unexpected way. Individually these ingredients might not impress, but together they sing! I found that discarding the top slice of bread and eating it open face helped get the perfect ratio of ingredients to each bite. And the verdict on trout - we'd definitely have it again. Very similar to salmon in texture - super nice! Great, easy summer meal idea.

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