Friday, July 19, 2013

emeril's crazy nachos

This is not the time of year we’ll find ourselves pulling out the slow cooker for pulled pork. However, when we make pulled pork it always ends up making so much we freeze several batches of leftovers. We had our final batch of pulled pork from earlier this year in the freezer needing to be used up so I decided to try Emeril’s Crazy Nachos.
There are several steps involved in making these crazy nachos. First up is a chipotle salsa, which is perfect for this time of year and into August when tomatoes are delicious and fresh. Secondly there are quite a few steps involved in making a homemade queso cheese (which includes roasting poblano peppers). This is my first time making queso from scratch and this cheese dip is quite good for homemade, however it needs to stay warm or it will cease up and get lumpy, so it’s important to make this the final step before placing the nachos in the oven. If your pulled pork is already prepared (as in our case), the nacho portion of this meal is just assembly and takes only moments (which makes up for all the effort involved in the first two steps).

The results are truly delicious and most definitely the best homemade nachos we’ve ever made or tried, but, holy moly, it's a lot of work and best done on a Friday night or weekend.

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