Thursday, August 1, 2013

lighter beef tacos

I wonder how many of us made tacos from a kit as one of our first ever ‘meals we made on our own’. I know I can remember being 16 and feeling very accomplished with my assortment of toppings displaying my chopping capabilities including tomatoes, lettuce, shredded cheese all loaded with sour cream. But the real technique in these kits is to not burn, but brown the beef. If you still look on these sort of meals fondly (or still rely on overpriced premade kits to help you along), let me share with you a simpler from scratch option. These Lighter Beef Tacos were featured on Everyday Food’s blog post about food recommended for kids, and like Sloppy Joe’s, every now and again I enjoy these sort of meals.

The recipe has topping suggestions, which you obviously don’t need to follow, but for us I didn’t substitute and probably never will because these were so perfectly satisfying with just salsa and lettuce. Unfortunately, I will have to substitute a key flavour ingredient when we make these again – the chili powder. Because Owen’s tried all the other ingredients in these tacos, when he broke out in a rash around his mouth and complained of burning, I knew the chili powder was just not going to work for him. A quick face wash and a bean and cheese quesadilla took the taco's place. Overall, this dinner is monstrously addictive – to the point of dangerous. They are simple & quick to prepare and a way better option than the usual greasy, calorie-laden tacos. A total winner.

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