Tuesday, August 6, 2013

cottage long weekend

This past weekend we went up to the family cottage in North Bay. Yes, us and the rest of Ontario were driving north for the long weekend, which we do twice a year so we come to expect traffic delays. Surprisingly, we hit the road earlier than anticipated on Friday so we had time to stop into Weber’s at dinnertime for a burger and somehow avoid most of the traffic delays. What wasn’t expected was the crazy weather we encountered on the drive which included torrential downpours, thunder & lightning and even hail! I have to hand it to Owen and Hot Tot for being amazing passengers because as nervous as I was hearing hail pelting the car they were pleasant travellers for our five hour trip. I’m now hoping our newest addition is such a great little traveller, she has a lot to live up to with Owen. Here’s Owen and Nuno the next morning celebrating our arrival.

Saturday morning found us checking out the city's waterfront, which seems to shock and awe us every year with all their massive improvements.
An older playground by a municipal beach has been completely transformed into the most amazing and creative playground we’ve ever seen which included this spider web-like climber.

Part of the infrastructure changes happening in North Bay included building a pedestrian tunnel under the railroad to connect the downtown to the waterfront. As we made our way downtown we found they’ve completed this project which includes transforming the old train station into a railway museum and art gallery.
It is very engaging for kids and adults.

Owen loved cranking the train around the track.

The pedestrian walkway is now complete and is home to the relocated Saturday morning Farmer’s Market which we spent a whole lot of time enjoying. It might be because this weekend was North Bay’s huge “Festival in the Park” (which included a midway and concerts featuring Metric, Carly Rae Jepson and April Wine) but the market also included face painting and a balloons for the kids.

Owen would not let go of this doggie for most of the vacation.

That is until he was given this Spiderman toy from a super generous neighbour Sam. Here he is completely unaware of getting measured on the cottage height chart. I was shocked to see a three year old Owen is the same height I was when I was five!

Although the forecast called for thunderstorms and rain for most of the weekend, I’m glad we didn’t back out of this vacation. It turned out sunny and mild, so we ended up with loads of beach time.

(there they are - way out there!)
It's sad to think our family is just about done with this cottage. It’s been in our family for 5 generations but it’s hard to maintain being so far away and all the zoning on the properties on this road which were once all cottages are now homes. So it looks like this might just be our last year before the family sells it. We’ll probably opt to continue renting in South Bay, which is where we’ll be all next week.

But I’ll miss the old charm of this place.

Hope this isn’t our last goodbye.

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