Wednesday, August 28, 2013

peach, prosciutto and blue cheese bbq pizza

As you can imagine, the freedom of eating outdoors in our own backyard is quite novelty for us right now. We always enjoyed picnics in parks, but the freedom to waltz in and out of your home should you need something from the kitchen or a quick bathroom break in your own clean washroom – what can I say, it’s wonderful! Our first real outdoor meal was this past Saturday night were we had Peach, Prosciutto and Blue Cheese BBQ Pizza.

Making a pizza on the BBQ is a helluva lot easier than making one in the oven. Seriously. We’ve only been making pizzas on the BBQ for just over a year, but it gets pretty addictive once you get the hang of it. For this pizza we first grilled fresh from the farmstand peach halves. The rest were just toppings thrown on, so it really was quite simple. But it tasted like a million bucks. The original recipe didn’t include blue cheese, but I feel like it added so much more to an already delicious pizza. We all enjoyed it, including Owen - a kid friendly pizza to boot!

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