Wednesday, May 15, 2013

pasta with snap peas basil and spinach

You didn’t think I was over with the May 2012 issue of Everyday Food yet did you? Ah, not even close. We tried the Pasta with Snap Peas Basil and Spinach recipe too.

This gets our vote as simplest and quickest one pot pasta. Everything gets cooked in the same pot you boil the pasta in which is something we just loved. You have to be very in-tune with timing in order to make this dinner work. I’m to the point of neurotic about the doneness of my pasta and with something like snap peas, I like them tender crisp. So luckily when all was said and done the dinner was bang-on. So if you follow the instructed timing chances are you’ll be successful too. I love how fresh and healthy this pasta is. I felt great about getting those extra veggies in Owen.
In the end, the pasta was a little dry. They recommend adding reserved pasta water to get the consistency you like, but it did risk getting soupy if I added much more water. If we make this again I think I’d consider adding a creamy cheese like goat’s cheese to it.

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