Friday, May 24, 2013

pasta with asparagus and ricotta

Although I hate to blog back to back pasta recipes, I'm super thrilled to spread the word on this recipe for Pasta with Asparagus and Ricotta from the May 2012 issue of Everyday Food I just can't quit.

We tried another pasta recipe (this Pasta with Snap Peas and Spinach) from the same issue just last week and thought it was alright but a little dry. Well, this recipe is the remedy to that. Funny thing is it has the same technique of creating a sauce with left over starchy pasta water and parmesan. But the key difference is ricotta. Delicious and creamy ricotta with the scrambled eggs somehow blend into something so beyond delicious. I know it seems like an odd combination, but you have to go with me on this because if you imagine the final result is a pasta version eggs benedict with asparagus. Although this isn't a one pan pasta like the pasta from last week, it's almost there. And that little extra effort and time (I'm talking like 5 minutes), is well worth it. This is my idea of a perfect spring dinner and if we're going to have it my way we'll be having it at least once a week until asparagus season comes to a close.

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