Monday, May 13, 2013

happy mother's day

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day yesterday.

We did our usual (but glorious) brunch buffet at Legends where everything was fantastic. If you ever question the power of a Mother, Mother Nature managed to remind us that us moms are capable of awesome things. The weather went from sunny to cold, wet, windy with a hail thrown in for good measure. This changed our plans a little since we were eager to hit up the Handmade Market at Ravine Estate Winery.

I feel like my Mother’s Day was an entire weekend because I had the amazing treat of getting a Saturday night out to see the Breeders perform “Last Splash” in its entirety. This is a big deal for me, my sister and cousin because we all listened to at ton of 90’s indie rock. 20 years later we are having fun seeing bands from our teens. And like most indie rockers from the 90’s, I still listen to all my records from that era finding it somewhat difficult to appreciate all the new indie music of today. When it was first released I purchased Last Splash making it the 2nd CD I ever bought (and buying albums was pretty much how I spent every last dollar in my teens and 20’s). This show was at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto which is a great large space that packed in a sold-out crowd of 30 and 40-somethings. It was thrilling to see exactly how they created so many sounds I took for granted off the album. I had no idea of how instrumental the violin was in so many of their songs off Last Splash. One of the most amazing songs live was Roi because the unique composition and effort the band went to recreate the sound. The band actually indulged in a huge encore set which included Safari(!) which the entire crowd went nuts for. Kim, Kelly, Josephine, Carrie and Jim all looked amazing, sounded fantastic and were so much FUN! I won’t argue with anyone here – Kim Deal is the best woman in 90’s alternative rock. Not only because of her Pixies pedigree – but she’s funny as hell and so likeable I only wish I could have gone out for a beer with her after the show. So I’m wondering if we’ll get a Guided By Voices reunion tour for Bee Thousand next year? Just putting it out there with fingers crossed.

Another concert pic from the other weekend. DIIV at The Tralf in Buffalo Friday April 26th.

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