Thursday, February 7, 2013

vegetable pad thai

When making pad thai at home we always stick to this recipe, but decided to try the Vegetable Pad Thai from Everyday Food Light the other night. Come to think of it, giving it the name of vegetable pad thai leaves you under the impression you'll find several vegetables in the dish. However, the only vegetable in this pad thai are scallions. This recipe has hardly any ingredients and was done in a matter of minutes. After taking a taste of the finished dinner, it needed a whole load of tweeks. It was quite sweet and very bland, almost to the point of inedible.
So I decided to add more of all the liquid ingredients along with fish sauce & chili sauce. Made a world of difference, but it needed more protein. I don't enjoy tofu, so I really doubt I could live as a vegetarian. To me this dinner was begging for shrimp, so I'll continue to use this shrimp pad thai recipe because it's so bang-on.

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