Monday, February 11, 2013

snow day classic chocolate chip cookies

So how about that snow storm last Friday? After years of predicted storms that never quite pack the projected punch, this storm hit us pretty hard. But all the while the winds blew record snow down there was a hint of sun and when all was said and done (for us at 4pm) we were left with 44cm of snow. Our city was hit the hardest in Ontario with a record snow fall. It was beautiful and quite the event to witness. I took Owen out for some snow play, but the wind was just pelting snowflakes too hard to get much more than a quick toboggan ride around.

So we warmed ourself back up inside and baked Anna Olson's Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies instead. This was my first time baking this recipe and it's honestly been years since I last made chocolate chip cookies.

This recipe has a couple little twists that make it different than the standard chocolate chip cookie. First is the use of cornstarch to keep the inside moist (and it worked, they were still super soft a day later). The second tip was to chill the dough before baking.

I pull my cookies out moments before they brown (almost under baked), because as they cool on the pan they continue to bake. This technquique always makes my cookies turn out great - and these cookies were miles beyond great. They were the best everyone who tasted them ever had. The batch didn't last more than 30 hours in our house.

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