Thursday, February 21, 2013

easy chickpea curry

Flipping through last year's January/February issue of Everyday Food magazine and the recipe for Easy Chickpea Curry really stood out. Seeing cauliflower on sale sealed the deal that we needed to try it.

This recipe builds on other previous recipes in the issue, so we had to modify the cooking just a little. All it meant was that we had to first roast the cauliflower & tomatoes, which worked well because we got on with the rest of the recipe as well as cooking the basmati. I just love roasted cauliflower with curry... so, so good. This dinner was very similar in flavour to this One Pot Curried Caulflower with Rice we tried a few months ago. Both are excellent. The challenge was to get Owen to eat it. Like most kids, he's sensitive to spice. So I added plain greek yogurt to his dinner to mellow it and he didn't even notice the spice in the madras curry, just flavour.

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