Tuesday, October 9, 2012

thanksgiving weekend 2012

I hope every Canadian reading had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm still attempting to revive myself from a sugar and turkey induced coma so excuse my sluggish and slightly scattered entry recounting this weekend.
We started this weekend with a hike, and when I say 'hike' I probably should just say a muddy stroll through Shorthills. Starting at Decew Falls we took a quick tour through Morning Star Mill.
This is a restored mill which mills bran and wheat.
Decew Falls is beautiful. This time of year is so gorgeous as the leaves are turning but it's still mild enough to really spend a lot of quality time outside.
Although I'm not the biggest fan of fall, I can appreciate the beauty and cooler temps, just not the shorter days.
I'd like to propose Canada post-pone Thanksgiving. Is it just me or is our Thanksgiving too early and American Thanksgiving too late? In my perfect world we'd celebrate Thanksgiving between the two and together. I know it doesn't make a lot of sense because of Halloween and the logistics of having 2 holidays back to back, it's just a time of year thing for me. I'm probably on my own here, but anyhow... Our Thanksgiving was celebrated at my brother & sister-in-law's home. My sister-in-law, Maggie, is my holiday dinner hero. She single-handedly made the most incredible turkey dinner with all the trimmings, appetizers and soup course. And did I mention she also has 3 kids (including a 4 month old)? I'm not sure how she did it without any mother-in-law's to assist, but she nailed it! We contributed a couple items which included a brussles sprouts side which accidently got over cooked in the reheating process (oops :) I didn't get photos, so we'll just pretend like that never happened. But there were a couple successes.
Our Buttermilk Biscuits come from the Martha Stewart Baking Handbook and are a personal favourite. They always work out!
The other contribution to the meal was dessert, Pumpkin Donut Muffins. I baked standard size muffins and mini muffins. The mini muffins kinda resembled Timbits when finished. This is a very good recipe creating dense and rich muffins and the cinnamon sugar exterior is a nice touch (and taste!).
I wish I’d made an effort to take photos of our Thanksgiving, but I think we were all busy chasing the little ones around. At the same time, I struggle with anonymity on this blog. I understand the majority of people who keep up with this blog are personal friends and family, but I wish to respect them, especially those with children. That's why I don't always blog lots of details about what's really happening in our lives unless it involves just Nuno and Owen. The only other person you’ll get lots of photos and mentions outside of my husband and son is my sister Katie. I spent years appearing on her awesome blog, and she always adds tons of life and humour whenever she’s mentioned here.

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