Tuesday, October 23, 2012

pan-seared steak with onions and worchestershire and slowcooker baked potato with yogurt cheese

Steak and potatoes are not something we eat a whole lot of. Generally neither are particularly good for you and when they aren't done right - oh, they are basically inedible. The steak recipe is a very brief recommendation from Sarah Carey (the current editor-in-chief of Everyday Food Magazine) in the October 2009 issue of Everyday Food magazine. This instruction is for a quick go-to on a simple and delicious steak dinner. Seared flank steak with a quick onion, worchestershire and butter accompaniment. This took moments to prepare, was super easy and totally delicious. This is a recipe you want around when you want to enjoy a great straight-up steak dinner.
Then there are the slowcooker potatoes. I used the cooking technique from the Loaded Slowcooker Baked Potato recipe from the October 2012 issue and then top it according the Everyday Food Light's Baked Potato with Yogurt Cheese. The magazine recommends taking your russet potatoes, wrapping in foil and leaving on low in your slowcooker for 8 hours. Naturally, we did this in the morning and they were done the moment we walked in the door from work. Great technique, great potato. The topping was simply plain greek yogurt (which I now prefer over sour cream) and topped with fresh dill. This entire meal was something we all loved and it one of the easiest dinner's we've ever made. Owen ate every last bite of his steak and we were all quite full in the way only meat and potatoes can can ll you.

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