Wednesday, October 17, 2012

pasta with lentils and arugla

We decided to try Great Food Fast's Pasta with Arugula and Lentils. I guess it sounds a little out there as a pasta choice, but it worked for us when we had half a container of baby arugula needing to be used up. I think one of the main flavors not mentioned in the title, but much more of a selling feature is the caramelized onions. This is really what saved the dish.
There was a whole lot of prep that went into this dinner. Cooking the lentils in one pan, the pasta in another, caramelizing onions in a third. To me it was just too much effort and clean up for a mediocre pasta. Owen didn't do too bad with it, especially liking the lentils. Of course you don't need the arugula, it's just as good without. But I'm fairly certain I was the one who enjoyed it most.

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