Wednesday, October 3, 2012

lighter blue plate special

Everyday Food Light includes a recipe for a Lighter Blue Plate Special. I haven't heard of one before (is this possibly a 1950's or American thing?), but this recipe is for meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans all done light!
We followed the recipe except for the type of meat. Ground sirloin is what the recipe calls for but we just used lean ground beef. I'm so glad I made that revision because this meatloaf isn't the most flavourful one I've ever tasted. It was pretty one-note and the texture wasn't exactly moist and crumbled easily. What I did love about this recipe (and will probably continue to do in the future) is to use the food processor to quickly finely chop veggies. But when it comes to meatloaf I don't think I can stray from what I know works and love to taste. I like a blend of pork/veal/beef and binders like oats. I also standby using chili sauce as a topping (where this recipe calls for bbq sauce). The buttermilk mashed potatoes worked out well and the green beans were just delicious. But all in all, this dinner took ages to make, was a huge clean-up and a whole lot of work. I think I'll be sticking to making meatloaf a weekend effort from here on in.

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