Monday, October 15, 2012

low fat pumpkin muffins

This time of year I find it really easy to eat pumpkin. We made these delicious and simple Spicy Enchiladas with Pumpkin Sauce last week. Then there's all the pumpkin muffins being cranked out of the oven. Just a little hooked over here.
I decided to try a new recipe Anna Olson posted on her site for Low-Fat Pumpkin Muffins. Baking muffins is a bi-weekly ritual in our home on Saturday mornings. Owen loves to help and the spider web muffin liners got him really pumped. This recipe is very easy to bake and super healthy. The muffins are very moist and not overly sweet. One little tip I only recently discovered is so let muffins with liners cool completely before eating. The muffins tend to stick to the paper when warm. The way I get around this is to also bake a tray of mini muffins without liners, that way we can eat them right out of the oven.
Every month leading up to Halloween Owen's been asking if it's time. I'm pretty sure it's his favourite holiday. We decorated our home for Halloween this weekend. Its fun that Owen's at the age to help now. As we were putting up the decorations he said, "It's starting to look very spooky in here Mommy." So with that I thought I'd share a pic of our decor.
I also pulled out all the costumes I've been hoarding for the past 3 years. Owen's been having lots of fun playing dress-up. Here he is as a swamp creature!
I hope everyone is getting into the Halloween spirit too!


katie a go go said...

I love the picture of Owen dressed as the swamp creature. What an amazing costume! Also, I agree with Owen. Your place is looking spooky (and great)!

Erin said...

Thanks Katie but I'm sure it doesn't compare to your place! You're home is a retro-Halloween experience!