Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vegas finale

I’ve mentioned before on this blog about how we like to tie our vacations to seeing a show. Not like a regular Vegas act, we chose the week we did based on attending the Shins show at the Cosmopolitan. I was really into them when their first album came out and enjoyed their second album as well – then I lost track of them. I think my loss of interest happened when we saw them live in Toronto and this one little hobbit-like guy in the band kept jumping in with annoying alcohol/drug-induced commentary between songs. I was pretty much over them after that experience. Come to find out the hobbit was fired and they had a huge release with their third album, Wincing the Night Away. Just as we were booking this vacation they released their 4th album. So we were reacquainted with the band by the time of the show.
There is a huge jumbo tron that broadcasts day and night on the strip-side of the hotel. This monitor broadcast the show to everyone, which was a really neat feature.
The Shins were great live. Totally a new line-up from what I was used to, but the band seemed more together, so it's probably for the best. I guess James Mercer is and always was the Shins.
The rooftop show was definitely one of my most memorable concert experiences. I've been to hundreds of rock shows and this one rates up in my top ten just based on the venue alone. Yes, there is a pool with floating lounges at this concert. Everything about Vegas is luxury!

It's going to be difficult for me to not devote an entire entry to The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. I was in awe of everything here from the moment you step in. This is their 3 level lounge called The Chandelier.

We spend entirely too much time at this hotel because every inch is fun!

And not to mention this hotel features many amazing restaurants. 
 Before the Shins show we ate at China Poblano a fusion restaurant.
I ordered the 20 Vegetable Fried Rice. Totally connected it to the "Best Thing I Ever Ate Las Vegas" episode.
Nuno had dim sum!
At the China Poblano just enjoying time.

There was a film crew happening in our hotel while in Vegas and I figured it was for the Food Network when it was in a restaurant filming. Well, Nuno, the ever vigilant media guy immediately recognized Ahbed from Community and went all paparazzi.
Yeah, we're small town, things like this are exciting for us.
The Fashion Show Mall.
One of our reservations was for Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. Talk about cliche, eh? I know. But, woah, what an experience his restaurant was! My goodness, we just loved Mesa Grill inside Caesar's Palace.
These corn muffins were totally out-of-this-world. So tender and moist, we both just loved them.
This is Flay's Shrimp Tamale, which is also really super delish.
And the Chicken Tacos were great. Nuno's bent on trying to remake the sauce pictured here.
Just a few night time shots.
There is always something happening on the Strip at any hour of the day. I'm am sometimes so sleepless and up at all hours even during the night (especially when Owen was small), I wish there was a live web-cam of the strip!

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