Wednesday, April 18, 2012

image heavy Vegas

Vegas is a wild city and there is hardly enough time to see and do everything. So it really helps to go in with a game-plan and tackle the city according to what you're most interested in. 
I booked us on a tour of the Neon Boneyard, a museum of old Vegas signs. So worth the time and effort it took to get there. 


It's really an amazing trip through time and our guide really enlightened us to the history and culture of Vegas with humour. 

I love and collect fonts (what graphic designer doesn't?). It's so much fun to see these up close and personal.
This is a top must-see while in Vegas.

As is the Fremont District. I'm tellin' ya, it's was so tempting to stay on the strip and lounge by the pool. But Fremont is the older Vegas, it's the area that started everything and a riot to walk through.
 Lots of nostalgic fun here.
At night there is a canopy of light, but we didn't stay to witness that spectacle. That just gives us another reason to come back.
The Beatles have a Cirque du Soliel show at the Mirage hotel devoted to them.
 And look at this lounge!
I told Nuno, if they ever do Vegas up for the Rolling Stones they way they did for the Beatles we are back pronto!

OK, more about our dining in the city. We stumbled into an old Vegas joint in Fremont called the Main Street Station. Of course you can gamble here, but we stopped in for some microbrews and sushi. Yes, a combo you wouldn't expect but worked for us. 
Here I am enjoying the King's (i.e. Elvis') Klocht and Nuno's swigin' their IPA.
One of my life culinary to-do's was to eat at a Thomas Keller restaurant. French Laundry is off the list, but the best we could do was to have breakfast at Bouchon. 
While dining out I always ask myself what I'd like to eat at that given moment, and waffles where what I was feeling while at Bouchon.
What a highlight this was.  Even more Vegas exploits to come...

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alicia said...

i've always wanted to see the neon boneyard! there is so much cool stuff to see in vegas, i don't know how anyone actually finds the time to gamble!